Cost Model Designer Press Release

Cost Model Designer Press Release

IBM Selected as Cost Model Designer


  • Cost Model Committee Meeting
  • November 29, 2020
  • 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Deputy Superintendent’s Conference Room
  • Bibb County Board of Education

Macon, GA

1. Welcome and Introduction of Guests

2. Review and Approval of October 31 Committee Minutes

3. Background and Briefing Regarding the Selection of Ed Keller, D.Ed., IBM Consulting Services, Bloomsburg, PA

4. Presentation by Dr. Keller for Committee Chairs and Cost Model Committee

5. Brief Reports by Committee Chairs on the Status of Committees’ Work

6. Interaction Time (Q & A) between Dr. Keller and Committee Chairs

7. Tentative Scheduling of Future Meeting Dates and Communications Protocol with Dr. Keller

8. Adjourn


Take Exit 2 on I-16 (If you are traveling east, you will turn right off the exit; if you are traveling west, you will turn left at the exit.) At the third red-light, you should see the Georgia Music Hall of Fame on your left. Continue ahead slowly and the entrance to the parking garage is adjacent to the Douglas Theater on your right. You will be given parking passes at the meeting. If you have any questions about directions, please call Paris Miller at 478-765-8504 or e-mail her .

Request for Proposal Issued for Cost Model

The Office of Planning and Budget is requesting proposals on behalf of the Governor’s Education Finance Task Force for a Cost Model. The objective of this procurement is to obtain the services of a qualified firm, group, individual, or institution to work with the Task Force to identify resources needed to achieve excellent K-12 educational outcomes in Georgia’s schools.

Click HERE to view RFP online.


Cost Model Committee Meeting 10-31-05 Minutes

Cost Model Committee Meeting 6-23-05 Minutes

Cost Model Committee Meeting 4-22-05 Minutes

Cost Model Minutes 4-12-05

Cost Model Minutes 3-11-05

Cost Model Minutes 2-16-05

Cost Model Committee Minutes 1-10-05

Cost Model Committee Minutes 11-29-04

Cost Model Committee Minutes 10-27-04


Cost Model Report to Task Force 6-23-05

Cost Model Report to Task Force 4-22-05

Cost Model Committee Report to the Task Force 2-16-05


Cost Model RFP Presentation to Task Force 4-22-05

Cost Model Presentation 2-16-05